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For many years Peoria was without a women’s rugby team. That was until the men’s team, The Peoria Pigs, hosted women who were interested in playing rugby as an adult at practices and even at some games. Thanks to the men it gave women the opportunity to continue refining their beloved hobby. 

It wasn’t until early 2020 that there was enough interest from a small group of powerful women to start to organize a women’s team. Right as Spring season would have begun, Covid placed a giant pause on any in-person efforts the women had made. But that did not stop the will these women had to persist in introducing women’s rugby to Peoria. Since then, the Bootleggers continue to grow the team to ensure women wanting to play rugby have a safe, encouraging, healthy, and fun environment to learn the sport. 

Currently, the Bootleggers participate in the Midwest Rugby Union’s D3 Festival league. Festival league is unique, in comparison to traditional leagues, where any D3 women’s team meet on a predetermined match date and have members from any guest team split up in half to create the game of 15’s. This level allows women of any skill set, body type, & experience to join in the fun and learn rugby in any capacity they feel comfortable.

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