I’ve never played before. Is that a problem?

Not at all. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about the game.

Isn’t it dangerous?

Rugby is a full-contact sport, so yes, people can get hurt. But Rugby is no more dangerous than any other similar contact sport, such as lacrosse. In fact, injury rates and insurance costs are comparable to soccer, Rugby’s father sport, and lacrosse. Unlike many collision sports that involve equipment and padding (i.e. football and hockey), many rugby players enjoy careers lasting into their 40’s and longer.

Do I have to be big to play Rugby?

NO! You just need to be fit and aggressive. Rugby is every person’s game. Because of the variety of positions and skills demanded in the game, athletes of all shapes and sizes can find a position. From the small, quick scrumhalf, to the rugged prop, to the towering second row player, there’s a position for all athletes.

What all do I need?

For practice, you only need to bring a pair of cleats and a mouth guard.

Once you start playing, you’ll need to get to get a uniform (or “kit”), consisting of shorts, socks and a jersey.

Most football and baseball cleats are NOT allowed in games (and not really encouraged at practice, for that matter). The front toe cleat is illegal and, often, the cleats are too narrow and sharp. If you have a pair and aren’t sure, bring them out and we can take a look. Sometimes, you can simply cut off the front toe cleat and be legal.

Also, you are required to have medical insurance to play and/or practice with the team.

When is Training?

During the regular season (Spring and Fall), we train on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30PM to 8:00PM. During the Summer for 7’s, we train on Thursdays at 6:00PM.

When do you play games?

Regular matches are on Saturdays, traditionally starting at 1:00 pm. 7’s Matches are exclusively at tournaments during the summer, which usually have an early morning start time.

Where do you Practice?

The Peoria Rugby Home Pitch is located at the corner of Swords Ave. and Alice Ave. in West Peoria, IL 61604.

– Interstate 74 from the east and west to the Sterling Ave. exit # 88
– Turn south on Sterling Ave.(away from the Malls) to Farmington Rd. which will come to a “T”
– Turn right on Farmington Rd. and take Farmington Rd. past Jimmy’s and Circle K to Swords Ave.
– Turn left on Swords Ave. go up the hill and the pitch is on the left at the top of the hill(corner of Swords Ave. and Alice Ave.)
– Please park outside of the fence in an orderly manner!

Where do you play?

We play home matches on our pitch at the Catholic Charities Field at the corner of Swords Ave and Alice Ave in Peoria. Away games are usually within 2 to 3 hours of Peoria

I don’t have a car – how can I get to practices or out-of-town games?

We car-pool on the days of the match, usually meeting at Panera’s off of Sterling by Northwoods Mall. We can set-up rides to practice when needed. Some have been known to ride their motorcycles or bikes to practice with their backpack stuffed with Rugby gear.

Who do you play?

We play teams in the Chicago area as well as Central Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, and other states for tournaments.

How much does it cost?

Currently, dues for Active members (usually players) are $100 per Season (Fall, Spring). For Rookies(those who have never played before), the first season dues will only be $50. If you do not play Sevens, your Spring membership carries through the Summer for all social functions.

There’s another $35 paid once a year to USA Rugby for your membership (called CIPPs). This is not included in your Club dues, but is required by the USA governing body. It only needs to paid once per year. (August to August).

In the summer Sevens season, players pick up their portion of the cost of each tournament entry fee (usually about $15/player per event, but often covered by our club funds).

The uniform costs is about $30 for socks and shorts. We’ll provide the jersey, but you might get stuck with laundry duty once or twice. Good quality rugby cleats (or “boots”) will cost you about $80-$100. But a cheap pair of soccer shoes will get you by until you decide if this is the sport for you.

I want to support the team, but I won’t be able to play. What can I do?

We have Social memberships available at $50 per Season. You are invited to all club functions, including the Home match after-parties, for which we otherwise charge a cover. If you would like to vote or hold office in the club as a non-playing member, you can apply for an Active membership.

When is your season?

Our season runs from late August through mid-November and then from March to End of May.

In the summer, we play a variation called 7’s (or “Sevens”).

7’s? What’s that?

7’s is a variation of the game in which there are only 7 players per side and 7 minute halfs. It’s played on a full-sized pitch, so with half the guys covering the same amount of space, there’s a LOT more running involved.