About the Club

Who are the Piggies?

The Peoria Rugby Football Club is the first rugby club in Peoria Illinois. Actually we are just a bunch of rag-a-muffins who think we are tough on Saturday!

Here is a account by an Old Boy on how we started: 1973 fall: Berny Zant (at and still at Bradley), Doug Clausen, and Don Gurik initiated the start. We played a scrimmage in the Bradley quad among the trees that brougt out many Bradley students. The names I remember there also included Dan Walther (Wahoo), Baltazar Weise (Balls), Jim Andreoni, and probably totaled about 25-30.

Tentatively we named it Peoria-Bradley rugby club but became officially Peoria Rugby Football Club incorporated as a non-profit a few years later. We wore Navy Blue t-shirts or similar until each player purchased red/black later in 1974. We initially practiced at lower Bradley park where the baseball diamond is now since transportation for students would be an issue elsewhere. Our first match was in the Spring 1974 at Peoria Stadium where the Central HS soccer field is. Randy Moon and Don Gurik built the goal posts and boxes to set them in the night before. We lined the field with lime purchased at Carver lumber (Aldi’s now). They later would set damaged lime bags out for our use. We lined with cans dipped into the bags, all by hand.

Later we played at Detweiler Park. Our practice field is in the 3rd location there. We purchased the pipe for the current goal posts and the park district installed them for us. Much better than the wood we previously used. Our first home match was against Quad-City B side which was my other club until Peoria got established. Our first try (3 points) was scored by Doug Dougherty, a Bradley kid at the Quad-City tournament in 1974. And the rest is history…

We now play at the Catholic Charities of Peoria at the top of Swords Ave.

The Piggies welcome newcomers, experienced players, coaches and fans.

The Piggies are a Division IV member of the Midwest and Illinois Rugby Football Unions.

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